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"Dealing with Dan and his company has been a pleasant experience. He is an honest man and everything he said was found to be true. He made a very fair offer for my property and the closing was extremely smooth."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. S. Valdes, April 30, 2008
Nashville, TN

"I had gotten several notes in the mail from people interested in buying my house. The Lord led me to call you and I was really glad for that. The sell of my rental property went very well and I am so thankful for the service. The house had the same occupant for 18 years and it needed a lot of work. I received a fair price and we closed within a few days. It was a pleasure dealing with Dan and TN Homebuyers."

TN HomeBuyers, Inc. H. Gober, April 25, 2008
Nashville, TN

"Thanks to everyone at TN Homebuyers Inc. I was very skeptical of selling my property to an investment company because of all the horror stories and scams you see in the news. It sounded so easy and almost too good to be true. There were 6 heirs involved and we had not probated the estate. TN Homebuyers rolled up their sleeves and got all the documentation in place for us to sell. The closing went smooth and it feels so good to have this burden off of me as executor and it's so nice to have the extra money in the bank. Thanks again for doing exactly what you promised and making things so very easy. Dealing with Dan, Amanda and Hal was a blessing."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. Rochelle Cunningham, February 28, 2008
Morganfield, KY

"TN Homebuyers did exactly what they said. They handled all the paperwork and made selling my father in laws property easy. We closed by Fed-Ex so I didn't have to take time out to drive to Nashville. A very trustworthy company to do business with."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. Ken Prall, February 8, 2008
Knoxville, TN

"Wow...this is what I call fast service. I called TN Homebuyers about a house that I no longer needed. It was in good shape but I didn't want the hassle of listing it, dealing with agents or retail buyers. The thought of loans falling through and myself having to keep the house cleaned up after showings made my stomach hurt. I had several options, but what I was really looking for was a fair price, a hassle free sale, and a fast close.

TN Homebuyers delivered! Our initial meeting was only about 30 minutes and we closed for all cash just a few days later. I would never have believed it could be that easy; but it was. Everything was clear cut and I am happy as I can be not to have the house to worry with in this new year.

Thanks for making my life better, hope the property works out well for you."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. W. McNeil, January 14, 2008
Nashville, TN

"My rental house had been torn up by tenants and needed repairs. I own other properties and just didn't have the time to fool with this one. The last straw was when a worker who had a key stole the copper out of my air unit. I called TN Homebuyers off a postcard I received in the mail not thinking that we would be able to work anything out. They came out and made me a cash offer on the spot. I thought it was reasonable so I took it. We closed in about two weeks and I had the cash and no more worries about the house. What a relief. Thanks guys, you made my New Year a happy one!!"
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. Oliver Cobb, December 30, 2007
Clarksville, TN

"What a blessing to have my house sold. I was in a mess with IRS liens and tenants who just wouldn't pay. The Metro codes department had been on me about the property's condition and I was fed up. TN Homebuyers worked with me for over a year to get all the title issues cleared up so we could close. They even helped by getting that good for nothing tenant that wouldn't pay rent out of my house. Thanks for everything, I would not have been able to sell without all of your help, you did more for me than the attorney I hired to help. I hope you make a good profit for al of your hard work."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. Thelma Johnson, November 23, 2007
Nashville, TN

"I had always wondered if those 'We Buy Houses' ads were for real, well Dan proved his was. You guys looked at my house without me even having to take off work to meet you. You made a fair offer and handled all the details; all I did was show up to closing and get a check. Thanks again. No more repairs or maintenance..this is truly a happy day."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. David Small, November 20, 2007
Clarksville, TN

"I was tired of being a landlord, dealing with tenant and repairs. My rental house needed work and I just didn't want to fool with it. TN Homebuyers bought my property as-is with the tenants in the property. It is such a relief to have one less thing to worry about. We closed quickly and they handled everything. Thanks for making selling so easy."
TN HomeBuyers, Inc. Bessie Leavelle, November 13, 2007
Clarksville, TN

"Thank you very much for making it fast and easy. I have never sold a house so easy and worry free. Thanks again."

TN HomeBuyers, Inc. Gerri Langson, October 12, 2007
Lawton, OK

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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