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We don’t know what we would have done without you bailing us out. We surely would have surely lost our house to foreclosure without you.
SSWP Buy Rob & Cheryl P.
Medina, OH

Creative Home Investments, Inc. had taken over my mortgage bringing my home out of foreclosure. The experience I had with this company was fantastic. I appreciated the work the company had done for me and my home.
Creative Home Investments, Inc. Robyn Disbrow
Orlando, FL

Just a short note to thank you for taking the time to help me with the sale of my condominium. You have been up front and honest with me, as I have been with you, and I feel we both (benefit) from the agreement we entered into. I would recommend your company and it's services to anyone who may need special assistance in solving any real estate problems.
Creative Home Investments, Inc. John Proper
Deltona, FL

Dear Ken(neth),

I just want to express my gratitude for your (Creative Home Investments, Inc.) honesty and efforts made (extended) in my decision on (concerning) my property and moving (helping me get into another home).
Creative Home Investments, Inc. James Fisher
Kissimmee, FL

To Whom It May Concern: Leslie and I testify, without reservation, that Pensacola Home Buyers have proven to be trustworthy and reliable in their interactions with us. Furthermore, we believe that their real estate system is the best of its kind in the Pensacola area. Being in the Navy and having a transfer out of the area pending, we placed our home on the market for the last six months of our time in Pensacola. However, as our time in the panhandle was nearing the end we realized that our house was not going to sell in time. Looking for alternative methods to solve our problem was leading nowhere. Then, luckily, we found Pensacola Home Buyers. Pensacola Home Buyers offer was the best for our real estate situation. Since we signed our agreement with Pensacola Home Buyers we are still perfectly satisfied that we made the right decision. Pensacola Home Buyers have honored our agreement in every respect and also were true to their word on other details that were not even documented in the contract. Pensacola Home Buyers is, in our opinion, a company of integrity. Sincerely, Derick and Leslie Wingler
Pensacola Home Buyers Derick and Leslie Wingler
Suffolk, VA

Dear Pensacola Home Buyers, Kris and I wish to thank you for your generosity beyond measure. One phone call to you communicating our needs and desire to sell our home went from a challenge that was overwhelming to an opportunity of hopeful resolve that you would manage, negotiate and see to its successful completion. Once Pensacola Home Buyers said yes they would meet our needs-that's exactly what they did through their agents. In a hospitable, timely and courteous manner we worked together to turn our responsibility into theirs. We were looking to get out from under the financial responsibility. That is exactly what you did for us. We pray for your financial success in this transaction. You liberated us from a financial responsibility that would have been impossible for us to meet. We were moving to another state and another home that would have required us to pay a mortgage payment and a rent payment. You managed to get a renter into our home and set up the possibility of their purchasing it within three months. The quickness of this happening saved us from paying for two homes and acquiring a major debt. You were God sent. You are very credible. I would seek you out in a second if I needed help. I honor your trustworthiness and your honesty. Thank You for coming to our family's assistance! Your giftedness has blessed us! In Him, Gary and Kristina
Pensacola Home Buyers Gary and Kristina Taylor
Yorktown, VA

After my divorce and no house payments for almost a year, I was hopeless and I thought I'd be evicted out of my own home. Thanks to ALL CASH HOMEBUYERS the foreclosure was stopped. I was able to stay until I found a new place and I also got some moving money. I really thought nobody would help me because I had very little equity in my house. I am so glad I got over my skepticism and called them.
All Cash Homebuyers Hugo Manjarrez
Summit, IL

I live in Long Beach, New York, and I owned a building in Chicago. Last year, I found myself in the need for funds for the publication of two of my books. Luckily, this property was next to one owned by Juan Martinez. After trying different avenues, I called Juan and he agreed to pay cash for my property. It just never crossed my mind that I would sell my building over the phone that day. The whole process was very short and simple. I didn't even have to go to Chicago for the closing. Now that's outstanding service!
All Cash Homebuyers Dr. Felix P.
Chicago, IL

I am a police officer. After getting out of the Navy I bought a condominium and two years later I got married. We decided to move to Arizona looking for the nice weather. Mr. Martinez bought our condo and we got the money we needed for the down payment for our new house. Everyone at All CAsh Homebuyers is very friendly, understanding, and reliable. We highly recommend them.
All Cash Homebuyers Jason Nelson
Chicago, IL

I was in foreclosure and I filed for Chapter 13, big mistake by the way. When I couldn't keep up with my Chapter 13 payments I came to All Cash Homebuyers. They helped me get rid of my headache and now I am looking at a fresh start.
All Cash Homebuyers J. Ortiz
Chicago, IL

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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