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I loved my house when I first moved into it.  My house was absolutely beautiful, but it was having more and more problems by the minute.  Although it looked really nice on the surface, every time I turned around, I was sinking more and more money into it. 

To give you an idea what I mean, the sewer kept backing up in the house and getting all over the basement.  The roof (which was only a year old) started leaking after I lived there just a few months.  And to top things off, the entire ceiling in my daughters bedroom collapsed onto her bed one morning only 10 minutes after she had gone to school. 

Property Match came to my aid and got me out from underneath that house that could have very easilty taken my daughters life.  I owe them so much for this.  I really do. 

They saved me and my family.  Thank you.
Property Match Henrietta Mitchell
Glen Echo Park, MO

I'm a union bricklayer and I had an accident at work that I could have never ever predicted or planned for.  I was cutting some concrete at work one day and the saw blade slipped and cut through my forearm.  My entire arm was pretty much cut in half and was hanging by some of the ligaments.  

Needless to say, this took about 16 hours of surgery and 9 months of therapy and recovery to get through, meanwhile, I obviously couldn't work, which meant I couldn't make my house payments.  

Shaun helped me and all but literally "held my hand" through the entire process.  He worked with my lender and stopped them from foreclosing on my house.  He got me the equity back that I had left in the house and then turned around and found another buyer to come in and enjoy the house that I loved for so long.  

Almost losing your arm in an accident like this is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  I would, however, hope that if something like this ever did happen to someone, they would have someone like these guys there to help them through it all. 
Property Match Chris G
St. Louis Hills, MO

It's kind of funny, but when you think of a real estate company, you don't think they will help you purchase a car over a year later, but they did. 

Not only did they come and purchase my house in it's AS IS CONDITION with no hassles whatsoever...  I also called them from time to time for some financial advice over the course of the following year and they spent time with me over the phone to explain what I should do.  They didn't charge me for this. They didn't act like they were annoyed.   They just helped.  They even pointed me in the right direction to buy my next car.  I don't know any other place that would do that, and it doesn't go unappreciated! 

Thank you all!

Property Match Lisa A
St. Louis, MO

I found Property Match and they helped me get rid of this place.  I know that sounds bad, but I was tired of trying to fix it up all the time.  They just came in, took it as is, and then turned around and fixed it all up.  I hope the new people like it because now it looks like what I wanted it to look like, but just didn't have the money to do.  Without them, this place would have never sold.
Property Match Christopher and Tasha C.
St. Louis, MO

This house had a lot of potential, but needed more money to fix up than I had.  The payments went up since I was on an arm, and I just couldn't afford it anymore.  I finally came to the decision that it was just time to start fresh somewhere new. 

Property Match helped me do this, and gave me peace with my decision.  I would recommend you to anyone who needed help like me.
Property Match Catherine J.
St. Louis, MO

I am a musician, and as you may know, musicians don't make much money.  So it was important to me that I get every penny that's available out of my house when I went to sell it.  

Property Match came out, offered me a fair price, and closed when I wanted close.  (I needed some time to pack and find my new house...)  It was great that they were flexible though.   
Property Match Vinnie M.
Wentzville, MO

We just couldn't fix the house up like we wanted.  It was too much.  You made it easy for us to move on.  Now it's your problem!!  ha!
Property Match Keesey J.
St. Louis, MO

I had a renter in this house that totally trashed it and then decided not to pay their rent any more.  After repairs were taken into consideration, I owed more on the house than it was worth. 

Property Match got me out of this mess, and I learned a valuable lesson.   I'll never have to go through this again, and at the very least, they made it easy for me to get out of...
Property Match Tony Banks
North St. Louis City, MO

I thought I was going to lose my own personal house to foreclosure because I bought another property to fix up and sell and then ran out of money.  

Property Match showed me how it was possible to keep my own personal house, and even helped me sell the investment property that I was having such a hard time with.  I owe you guys my family's sanity!  Thank you!
Property Match Abdul Musa
St. Louis, MO

They came in, cashed me out, and I'm done!  Thank you guys.
Property Match C.L.
St. Louis, MO

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