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When I put it on the market, I really didn't think it would ever sell. 
And when you guys came around, it was like an answer to a prayer. 
The stress is gone, it was just great, everything went very quickly
and very easily. You guys were really wonderful with getting us all
the information we needed.  The paperwork, what we needed to sign,
everything went smoothly.  It was a real blessing.
Home Freedom Properties Belinda K.
Round Rock, TX

Jeremy made the whole process of selling my two houses very easy, took care of all of the running around and hard work, and took over my codes problems.  What a relief.  I'm using the money from the sale to pay off personal debt so I don't have that headache either.  Thank you!

TN HomeBuyers, Inc. J. Ayers, 2/15/10
Nashville, TN

My husband lost his job and we had to sell our townhouse six months after we moved in. White Knight saved us from foreclosure and saved our credit.
White Knight Home Buyers Cheryl Kovalaski
Antioch, TN

Jeremy and TN Homebuyers helped us sell our rental home without having to do a single thing.  It needed quite a bit of work, and the idea of having to spend a lot of time and money to fix it up was not very appealing.  We weren't sure about selling the home to an investment company at first so we called several people and real estate agents.  We looked at all of our options and decided that Jeremy could provide the best and easiest solution.  We were able to sell our home quickly with no hassles for a fair price and will call again when we are ready to sell another home.  Thanks for everything.

TN HomeBuyers, Inc. S. Payne, March 2010
Old Hickory, TN

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of your help.  Thanks to you and your dedicated hard work my husband and I were able to sell our house as a short sale and not let it go into foreclosure.  Due to the fact that it took so long to get all interested parties to agree, this process dragged out so long that at times I felt that maybe it would not happen for us. I feared a forclosure! I am so thankful for knowing that you were working on this for us.  Being so far away from the property, it was reassuring to know that you were handling things. Thanks for your patience and for being available to answer my questions. 

HP Investment Group, Inc. Elizabeth R
Orlando, FL

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