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My home had been on the market for over 18 months when I noticed an ad "".
I was a little hesitant and more than a little skeptical, but saw no harm in a phone call, and I had more than one mortgage payment too many!
I received a prompt return phone call. I arranged for my real estate agent to show the home the same week, and met with him the following Monday. After meeting with Mark, I released my agent and turned my vacant house over to him.  He was prepared with simple, straight forward agreements, and not only lived up to, but exceeded my expectatons. He took on the responsibility for all the payments, repairs, up keep, and updated the whole house. Within six months I was sitting at the closing table getting a check! 
There are, no doubt, alot of real estate games to leary of, Mark is not won of them. I would highly recomend him to anyone that needs a no hassle sale, when traditional methods fall short.

Denise S.          Duluth, GA Denise S.
Duluth, GA

 Bill and Bob ,

1st of all I would like to say thank you for all of yal's help in stopping  My foreclosure on the house, Buying my personal property and giving me enough money to move into another house. Thanks again for yal's help also for being so fast in the closing.


Bobbi W.
We Buy Houses Bobbi W.
Greensboro, NC

I sold my house for contract for deed.  They made major repairs to the house which improved the value.  They made me monthly payments which were always on time. I could count on their monthly payments not like the Tenants I had in the home.  Thanks for doing what you said you would do.
ASAP Investments, Inc. Joyce Ambrose
Cocoa, FL

Your company puchased my property on contract for deed.  All their payments were made on time.  The contract for deed was paid off early.  I would recommend your company to others.  Thanks
ASAP Investments, Inc. Sylvia Knoblauch
Orlando, FL

Your company assumed my mortgage and made payments to the mortgage company on a regular basis for my house on Crawford St. Thanks.
ASAP Investments, Inc. Farid Pouse
Palm Bay, FL

Your company had a contract for deed for the property on Huron.  They made their payments early every month directly to my mortgage company.  They have paid me in full.  I would recommend doing business with you guys.
ASAP Investments, Inc. Sherry Overfield
Auburndale, FL

This letter is written to thank your company for saving my credit and me from Foreclosure.  They brought my mortgage current, continued making monthly payments and paid me what I wanted for the house 1 day before the Foreclosure sale. 

Thank you.
ASAP Investments, Inc. Jerry Gokee
Melbourne, FL

Your company helped me repair my house that had fire damage with no cost out of my pocket and sold it.  I had a mortgage on the house that was paid in full at the time the house sold.  I trust your company to do what they say they will do.
ASAP Investments, Inc. Yusef Kheif
Eustis, FL

Your company has made their payments to us, in a very timely manner.  Since Purchasing the contract for deed on my house. Thank you for living up to your word.
ASAP Investments, Inc. Allen & Dorthy Dugeon
Orlando, FL

Your company bought our property from me by a mortgage.  Every payment was made on time monthly and I was paid in full when they said they would.  I would do business again with them.  Thanks for being you!!
ASAP Investments, Inc. Cheryl Smeja
Holly Hill, FL

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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